Warm greetings to the compassionate souls of humanity,

With the hopeful spirit of life’s spring, we proudly established the Bahar-e-Khorramshahr Foundation in 1381 (2002) and have been actively working towards our mission, officially registering in 1384 (2005). Our unwavering dedication lies in restoring the lost joy to the brave land of Khuzestan.


Our services extend to all, young and old alike, covering a wide range of areas from providing education and university studies to housing and welfare, and from employment opportunities to fostering a better quality of life. Our goals are vast, and our quest for assistance knows no end. Thus, we extend our helping hand and seek support from all our dear compatriots in Iran and around the world to bring the delightful “spring” for all the beloved Iranians, especially the brave Khorramshahrians.

Below, we share a glimpse of our history, a testament to our determination and unwavering commitment to serving the dear residents of Khorramshahr.

With utmost warmth and respect,

Bahar-e-Khorramshahr Foundation


آخرین اخبار و رویدادها